How We Work

Our Guiding Principles

Bring new resources — funding, volunteers, and stewards — to the Town of Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation Department; help to market and promote its activities.

Gather ideas and feedback from residents, park patrons and program participants.

Champion making parks and recreation resources available to all, regardless of age, income, or other factors.

Convene diverse groups together to explore shared resources, cost savings and other efficiencies.

We enjoy reaching out to and engaging with citizens about parks, recreation, and greenway needs. We love listening to ideas and being inspired by citizens.

We invite individuals, groups, and businesses to contribute in ways that fit their interests and passions. We work with the Town staff and officials to identify areas in which we can make the greatest impact:

Members of the organization are indeed “friends” who are committed and can be counted on for key assistance including advocacy. If you care about our parks and trails, have enjoyed your experiences at our facilities, or want to be a part of a solution to make improvements that you believe are needed, I encourage you to get involved today!
- Phil Fleischmann, Director of Chapel Hill Parks and Recreation

What We Believe

We believe that quality parks and recreation activities improve the health and cultural well-being of our residents and increase the Town’s sense of community, as well as its economic competitiveness. Your donations will ensure the continued excellence of the parks, greenways, and recreation services for the Chapel Hill community.

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